RIP: Popular Maple Theater in Bloomfield Township Has Closed

February 06, 2024, 4:21 PM by  Allan Lengel

The popular Maple Theater on Maple Road in Bloomfield Township announced on Facebook  that it was permanently closing on Monday.

"Our lease has expired, and after months of difficult deliberations, we have decided that it is time to end our run as operators of this wonderful institution, "Jon and Lauren Goldstein of CLoud Nine Theater Partners wrote in the announcement. "We have been honored to be stewards of the Maple Theater and appreciate all the support and patronage from the community the past 12 years."

"The pandemic had huge effects on independent 'art house' theaters," they wrote. "We are proud that we stayed open and continued to serve people during such a crazy time. We worked hard to try to return near to pre-pandemic attendance, and while there are tangible glimmers of hope, we are unable to make the financial commitment necessary to keep the The Maple a first-class establishment. Anything less would tarnish what we worked so hard over these years to build.

"Like any good story, we don't know how The Maple Theater's tale will end. We just know we have reached the end of our chapter." 

Fans of the theater reacted on Facebook to the posting.

Susan Moiseev

I am so sorry and sad to see this. I had heard rumors but refused to believe them! I have gone to the Maple for as long as it’s been open-but especially the last four years! I felt safer there than anywhere else…I was honored to host Secret Cinema a couple of times and sorry I didn’t come yesterday for one last show…

Diane Birnbaum Starr

So sad

Suzy Harris Modiano

Nooooooo! Heartbreaking.

Joseph Beyer
Another devastating reminder that we the audiences have to keep this kind of cinema culture alive if we want it, and the odds against it surviving are so small. Thank you Ruth and Owen for letting us film at The Maple one year ago, ironically - a documentary project exploring 100 years of Michigan movie history as seen thru the rise and fall of one arthouse cinema. We had hoped to bring it back there for a local screening. Even as outsiders from the area, it was immediately clear it was a special place run by special people and we will miss it too.

Kimberly S Johnson

My heart breaks. It was amazing. We lived across the street from The Maple in Fox gift for several years. I've been a life long fan. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Heather Fairbanks

So sad to hear. We walked over last week to see American Fiction. Not only will our neighborhood feel the great loss but so will the Michigan film community. Loved that The Maple supported our indie film community. It was especially amazing for those of us that could walk over for a show or for the live music. Pretty heartbroken honestly.

Carolyn Gammicchia

Just like with local businesses, people really need to start supporting the business owners who keep our communities alive. This is a huge loss for many of us. Seeing well made films will now be that much more difficult. Please know The Maple Theater that you efforts to bring engaging cinema and events to us has been greatly appreciated. We will miss watching events like the Oscar ceremony there.

Marleija Forey

I was just there for my first time last week and was so happy to find an awesome theater I loved. So sad to see this! It seems like everything great in this world that resembles a past time is slowly fading.

Bert J. Green

Thank you for keeping the torch lit for independent/artistic/foreign films for all these years! Part of a dying breed…sad. Best wishes to all

Sue Khoury O'Callaghan

This is so sad on so many levels. My go to favorite for matinees and indie films. Location is so perfect. And private events. So many great memories were shared in your lovely theater!! The end of an era for sure!

Frank Berman

As a patron of The Maple, this is a tough loss. I hosted Secret Cinemas and my James Bond film series here. I even celebrated my birthday with family and friends. I'm sad to see this go.

Todd Wicks

Time to start supporting the Birmingham 8. They book a fair amount of indies/foreign films!

Carolyn Varner

So sorry to hear. What a loss to the community. Thank you Jon and Lauren for all your years of dedication.

Patrick Filbin

You were heroes for staying open as long as you did and showing films that other theatres (other than the now-closed Main in Royal Oak) refused to show. Thanks for the memories ~

Mike Stec

RIP to the Detroit area’s oldest continuously operating theatre, and the last of its dedicated art houses. Your presence will be missed.

Judy Phillips

This is incredibly sad

Wihad Al-Tawil

Oh my god. Secret cinemas are an integral part of my life. I can’t believe this. So sorry to hear it.

David Wilke

Sorry to hear this. First The Main Art now the Maple.



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