Washington Post Examines Pontiac's Attempt for Revival

October 15, 2023, 2:12 PM

An alley in downtown Pontiac (Deadline Detroit photo)

The city of Pontiac, north of Detroit, has had more comebacks and setbacks than anyone cares to count. For years, the downtown has looked like an empty movie set.

Now, Emily Wax of the Washington Post weighs in on the chances of a real revival in this former auto town that was once home to the Detroit Lions.

Wax, who nails it with this piece, writes:

After years of struggling, Pontiac may finally be on the way to a rebound. As Detroit’s downtown real estate prices rose, Pontiac attracted big companies looking for cheap space, local officials say. In 2018, United Wholesale Shore, a mortgage company, opened a 150-acre campus with a Starbucks, hair salon, and gyms for its 6,000 employees.

The city’s biggest cause for optimism came this year, when the Michigan legislature approved $50 million for Pontiac to renovate old buildings, remove rubble and redevelop green spaces. The city plans to use some of the money to host outdoor concerts and build bike lanes.

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