Sterling Heights football players disciplined for racially offensive TikTok

September 01, 2022, 8:57 PM

Macomb County ninth-graders taped an out-of-bounds video that shows they have a lot to learn. Their juvenile misfire can't be called sophomoric because they're freshmen football players at Stevenson High in Sterling Heights.

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Charlie Langton of Fox 2 Detroit has a report Thursday night (video below):

A TikTok video reenactment of the death of George Floyd ... was recorded at an off-campus football team breakfast about a week ago. The ninth-graders had water guns, and the kicks of [an] African-American student on the ground caused no injuries. ...

A parent upset by the video tipped off the school. ... School officials said preliminary disciplinary action was taken, but did not get specific. And the investigation continues to determine the final disciplinary action.

According to WDIV, "racist remarks can be heard in the video."

A district statement says, in part: "The school will use it to help students understand why this is offensive and harmful to the social fabric of our community."

Jaimie Nasceif: "It's ridiculous." (Photo: Facebook)

Fox 2 talks with a Stevenson High junior and another student's parent.

"It was a joke, but it's not funny," Maya Hunko, 16, tells Langton. "We have to look at other people's perceptions of reality because everyone is different."

Jaimie Nasceif, 36, tells the station: "I can't believe kids are doing this. I think it's ridiculous, and something completely unacceptable." 

Fox 2 video:

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