Carlos Santana waves to fans after collapsing at metro Detroit show

July 05, 2022, 11:21 PM

Carlos Santana (Photo: Facebook)

Carlos Santana collapsed on stage Tuesday night at Pine Knob during a stop on Earth, Wind & Fire's "Miraculous Supernatural Tour."

Video posted to social media shows the 74-year-old waving as he was wheeled off on a gurney.

Another video shows the scene earlier:

"Santana was about 1 minute into a song he had collaborated [on] with Chris Stapleton," Jo-Ann Barnas of Detroit tweets with her clip. "Carlos was calling for healing and joy."

Michael Vironis, the star's manager, says in a statement that he "was overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration." An ambulance took him to McLaren Clarkston hospital for observation.

A Wednesday night show in Pennsylanvia is scratched.

The Grammy Award-winning singer underwent heart surgery last year and canceled concerts in December.

The scene before an ambulance gurney was wheeled out. (Photo: Lori Pinson/Facebook)

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