Big winter storm hitting Metro Detroit. Look elsewhere for details

February 01, 2022, 11:01 PM

If you had the misfortune of visiting a metro Detroit grocery store after work hours Tuesday, you know it's blizzard o'clock.

Up to twelve inches of snow is predicted in what will be the region's first big storm of the season — possibly its biggest in seven years. A winter storm warning is in effect from 4 a.m. Wednesday to 7 a.m. Thursday. Rain will turn to snow as temperatures drop to the low 30s Wednesday afternoon.

Schools will probably be closed or remote, and you can check one of the TVs for an exhaustive list. Honestly, head on over to the TVs for pretty much anything storm related, including to learn which items flew off store shelves; how to drive in snow; and that shoveling can give you a heart attack.

Meanwhile, we've got you on a drinking game.

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