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Gallery: With fears and beers, Detroit bars, restaurants and patrons tiptoe into semi-normal

February 02, 2021, 6:16 AM by  Michael Lucido

Restaurant and bars in Michigan, many of which have struggled under health safety rules, opened dining areas Monday after the governor eased a three-week ban on inside service.

But in the afternoon, at least, customers weren't rushing the doors at places in Midtown and downtown Detroit. Some establishments wondered about the response.  

"We're nervous about reopening for the reason that we're not entirely sure how busy downtown Detroit will truly be," Tyler Tocco, manager of the Detroiter Bar downtown, tells Deadline Detroit.

The new order lets dining areas open at one-quarter capacity through Feb. 21. The governor's office will monitor the pandemic's status to determine what comes next. 

Deadline Detroit's Michael Lucido went around downtown and Midtown Detroit talking to restaurant workers and customers. 

Photos by Michael Lucido 

Detroiter Bar, 655 Beaubien Blvd, Detroit.
Manager Tyler Tocco, "We're nervous about reopening for the reason that we're not entirely sure how busy downtown Detroit will truly be."
table and hand sanitizer station for customers. 
Patrons enjoy beers at Detroiter Bar. Taylor (left): "Its nice to finally be able to sit at the bar again." Derrek (right): "It's almost like therapy being able to come back in."
ima, 4870 Cass Ave, Detroit
ima's digital-menu QR code offers a clean way to review a menu without touching it.
Manager Mike Kreger: "We're comfortable with no concerns about reopening. At ima, we're on top of it sanitation-wise and being able to have quick ticket times for quick service."
ima's sign in and sanitize station
ima's breakdown of dine-in service rules at the front door
Bakersfield Detroit, 3100 Woodward Ave, Detroit  (Both reservations and walk-ins welcome. To reserve call (313) 974-7040 or OpenTable to reserve online)
Signage for patrons of Bakersfield Detroit
General Manager Amanda McMahan, "We're very grateful for the response to reopening today. We have no concerns and completely comfortable with the sanitation process we have in place."
Heated outdoor seating available at Bakersfield Detroit
Customer Lauryn Carlini, "I am very excited to be able to finally have a margarita indoors."


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